Not A Whisky Review – That Boutique-y Caroni Rum

As it turns out there are distilled sprits other than Whisky. A brief check upon the interweb confirms that there are many wondrous beverage based adventures for me to set out upon.

And so begins a irregular series of non-whisky reviews. I’m not an expert on whisky and no one complains about me writing about that so what indeed is to stop me applying my whisky tools to other spirits?

So this week it’s out with the drams and in with the tots as we head from the Highlands to Trinidad.

Trinidad has a rich history of Rum production with at one point as many as 50 operational distilleries, but now only one, Angosdura, remains in operation. The Caroni Distillery was one such victim of the widespread decline of the industry, finally closing its doors in 2002.

Despite its closure there does seem to be quite a few expressions of Caroni readily available. One such expression of this heavy style of rum (a style born of being distilled from Molasses) from That Boutique-y Rum Company will be the focus of todays review.

This expresion is 20 years old and is the second batch (of 1875 bottles) to be released. At the time of writing it is still available on Master of Malt for £130. Putting my whisky hat back on I tried to find a 20 year old whisky from a closed distillery for a similar price and failed miserable so I would conclude that there is value in this bottle looking in from our side of the fence. (50cl bottle notwithstanding)

TBRC, Caroni, (Rum) 54.7% abv, press sample (available here)

The nose is thick and very sweet, its full of sticky sugars, cedar wood, oranges, tobacco and linseed oil. There is a faint whiff of rubber and a slight note of red fruits and an underlying earthy feeling.

The palate is full of chocolate, lightly charred wood, raisins, nuts and burnt marmalade. The mouthfeel is big, thick and unctuous, coating the mouth wonderfully. Rich and drying spices emerge as the sweetness makes way for them.

The finish is cloying and almost chewy. The rich and sweet rum fully transitions from sweet to full on tannic.

What a discovery. I’ve tried a few rums before but nothing like this. This is the perfect bottle to give to someone who thinks there is no complexity or powerful flavours to be found in rum.

Top stuff.

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