What The Drammer Did Next – Reflections on the Past, Present and Future.

If I have learnt anything over the last few years it is that whisky is truly an all encompassing passion of mine. What started out as reserving a small corner of the internet to record my whisky journey, my rambles and my thoughts soon turned into something amazing. A gateway not only into the seemly endless rabbit hole of the worlds most wonderful spirit but the community that surrounds it. The warm and wonderful people who inhabit the whisky world – those I’ve met both ‘virtually’ on websites, social media etc and ‘physically’ at whisky shows as well as those working at distilleries and staffing events have been what has made my whisky journey a truly epic and incredibly enjoyable endeavour.

Working within the industry was something that I had thought about only fleetingly and indeed at times I had toyed with the idea but the right opportunity had never quite come along, let alone one that would make me want to leave behind all that the blog had brought about (as well as my own non-whisky career within the Police)

Being asked to write for other websites, magazines and newspapers was always humbling and exciting in equal measure. Seeing my name in print never failed to serve as a reminder of the amazing twists and turns that my alternative whisky career had taken.

Tasting events were a natural extension of the whisky blog. I had always enjoyed writing about whisky so it seemed to follow that I might indeed enjoy talking about whisky. An impulsive purchase of 150 tasting glasses one afternoon during a fit of over enthusiastic motivation resulted in probably the most enjoyable experiences of my whisky career.

To the many who have attended my events I am forever in your debt.

The chance to further indulge my passion and spread the whisky gospel to others and, most importantly encourage and educate others to evangelise about the water of life wouldn’t have been possible without you. There is nothing in the world that can beat watching someone reach that eureka moment on their whisky journey where the vast and diverse flavour spectrum unfolds before them and their passion becomes ignited.

But all good things must indeed come to an end, perhaps not an end exactly, more of an evolution.

Next week I will be stepping aside from the blog to take up a new role within the Prestige Malts team at Diageo – specifically as Brand Home Host at Brora Distillery.

It has been simultaneously the most difficult and yet also the easiest decision I have made. The chance to become involved in such a massive endeavour as the resurrection of the sleeping giant that is Brora was an opportunity I simply couldn’t resist.

The Amateur Drammer website itself will soon come to a close however you can keep in touch with me and join in the next step of my career over on my social media channels.

In the meantime I would simply like to raise a glass and thank each and every person who has travelled with me on the journey so far – I look forward to sharing a dram with you all soon.

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