About this Blog

This blog will be a collection of whisky related thoughts, musings, tastings and experiences.

In no way do I claim to be a subject matter expert. Although my aim is always to develop my palate and knowledge these are just my thoughts and opinions.

I am welcome to my opinion just as you are welcome to yours.

I strive to seek out accurate and up to date information but I am always willing to be corrected and if I am wrong I will say so.

From time to time I may represent brands at tasting events or festivals, working for a brand may mean that I no longer review their products in the interests of impartiality.

Any samples received or hospitality given will be fully disclosed and will be reviewed and surmised honestly and in my own words. Even if a sample has been gifted by a friend or perhaps if I’ve found a random bottle in the back of the cabinet, either way I shall make it clear where it has been sourced.

Persons or companies who submit anything for review are made aware that creative control remains with me at all times and that the sending of samples will not guarantee a favourable review.

Please note that a sense of humour will be required at all times as will an appreciation of irony and sarcasm.

Please feel free to like, share, link or comment on my articles but please credit me as the source if using any of my work.

Disclaimer: Some websites may pay me a small commission for linking to their site. I would advise that you, as a customer wishing to make a purchase, shop around for the best deals. I am extremely flattered that my reviews may lead you to purchase a product but please consider trying before you buy.

If you wish clarification on any of these points, or on any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I strive to adhere to the principles of The Drink Blog Code, information on which can be found here.


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