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Old Pulteney to discontinue their 17 AND 21 yo expressions

News that Old Pulteney will be discontinuing some of its upper age stated expressions.

The Whisky Lovers Bookshelf

A quick look at some fantastic whisky books.

Distillery Visit – The Glenrothes

A look around the Glenrothes Distillery during a fun few days in Speyside.

Review – A Highland Park Vertical Tasting

Looking at an ascending age range of Highland Park expressions.

Review – The Glenfiddich IPA experiment, or, how the stag learnt to hop (pun intended) 

I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m all for NAS whiskies. However this only on the proviso that they are perhaps a different to a distilleries core range or house style. To use marketing speak I like them to be character-led. Swapping your base level age stated expression for, or introducing, a […]

The Amateur Drammer Introduces… Nic Branson a.k.a Aesc

Welcome to a new series of occasional articles in which I invite first time writers to take over This first article will introduce someone I have had the pleasure of chatting whisky with over on Twitter. I’ll let Nic introduce himself, give you his thoughts on his whisky journey and then his review of […]

When is a brand not a brand? (An essay in which I become an honorary pilgrim)

Meeting The Whisky Pilgrim and my thoughts on Fettercairns branding.