Desert Island Drams

The Desert Island Dram project invited a diverse range of individuals from the whisky world to nominate their ultimate fantasy whisky, the one they couldn’t live without.

Ian Buxton, Whisky & Spirits Author

Richard Paterson, Mater Distiller, The Dalmore

Mark Reynier, CEO of Waterford Distillery

Brian Kinsman, Master Blender, William Grant & Sons

Mark Newton, Writer at Malt Review and Taster for Whisky Magazine

Angus MacRaild, Whisky Writer

The Whisky Sponge – Industry Satirist

Tom Thomson, Whisky and Spirts Blogger

Graham Coull, Master Distiller, Glen Moray

Joel Harrison, Whisky and Spirits Author

Mark Thomson, UK Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich

The Scotch Trooper, Whisky Photographer & Writer

Johanne McInnis, Whisky Writer, Whisky Lassie

Greg Dillion, Whisky & Spirits Writer, GreatDrams

Sandy Jamieson, Manager, The Spey Distillery

Chris Hoban, Blogger, Edinburgh Whisky Blog

Mark Gillespie, Host of WhiskyCast

Anne-Sophie Bigot, Writer, The Whisky Lady

Klaus Doblemann, Blogger,

Dave Alcock, Whisky Writer, WhiskyRepublic

Steve Ury, Food and Drink Writer, Sku’s Recent Eats

Bill Linnane, Whisky Writer, MiddletonRared

Colin Poppy, Master Distiller, Ballindalloch Distillery

Steven Prentice, Writer, Somerset Whisky Blog

Sorren Krebs, Whisky Blogger, OCD Whisky

Thomas and Ansgar Speller, Spirits Writers,

Justine Hazelhurst, Whisky Writer and Founder of Fife Whisky Trail

Steve Beal, Master of Whisky and Keeper of the Quaich

Mark Kaufman, Whisky Vlogger at WhiskyWhistle

Rev. Christopher I. Thoma, Whisky Author, AngelsPortion

Johnnie Stumbler, Blogger, The Nosing Arse

Barry Bradford, Whisky Writer, The Whiskyphiles

Adam Wells, The Whisky Pilgrim

Ben Bowers, A Dram A Day

John Marshall, Whisky Blogger, WhiskyApocalypse

Julian Machler, Blogger, Whisky-U

Rombout Mastenbroek, Whisky Blogger, iLaddie

Mike Little, Whisky Blogger, Maltman Mike

Jo Lawson, Stroud Whisky Club

Raj Sabharwal, Spirits Importer

Matt Healy, Blogger, PotStilled

Jerry George, dMan’s Whisky Notebook

Stewart Dunsmuir, Tour Guide at Arran Distillery

Brendan Pillai, Blogger, The Whisky Mate



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