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October 5th – 7th 2017, Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, Stockholm, Sweden.

October 9th 2017, Angus Dundee Masterclass, Milroys of Soho, London

October 10th 2017, Best of the Indies Tasting Event, Royal Mile Whiskies, Edinburgh.

October 13th-14th 2017, Whisky Live Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland.

October 19th-21st 2017, Whisky Live Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon.

October 21st 2017, Yorkshire Whisky Festival, York, England.

October 21st, Dramathon Whisky Marathon/Half Marathon/10k, Speyside, Scotland

October 21st, The Whiskey Affair, London, England.

October 23rd 2017, Bruichladdich Tasting, Milroys of Soho, London

October 23-27th 2017, Theatre of Drams Whisky Festival, Bowmore, Islay.

October 27th-30th 2017: Dornoch Whisky Festival, Dornoch, Scotland.


November 2nd, Jolly Topper Whisky Tasting, A Glengoyne Vertical, Edinburgh, Scotland.

November 6th 2017, Pernod Ricard Irish Pot Still Materclass, Milroys of Soho, London.

November 11th 2017, Glasgow Whisky Festival, Hampden Park, Glasgow.

November 14th-11th, New Brunswick Spirits Festival, Fredericton, Canada.

November 18th, Drambusters Whisky Festival, Dumfries, Scotland.

November 18th, The Whiskey Affair, Reading, England

November 23rd, Jolly Topper Whisky Tasting, Travel Retail Exclusives, Edinburgh.

November 27th, SMWS November Preview Tasting, Dundee, Scotland

November 25th 2017, Whisky Live Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.


December 14th, Jolly Topper Whisky Tasting, Christmas Event, Edinburgh Scotland.


January 18-21 2018: Victoria Whisky Festival, Victoria, British Columbia.

January 20th, National Whisky Festival, Glasgow, Scotland.


February 24-25th 2018, The Whisky Show Old & Rare, Glasgow.

MARCH 2018

March 10th 2018, Fife Whisky Festival, Cupar, Scotland.

March 10th 2018, Newcastle Whisky Festival, Newcastle, England.

March 23rd-24th 2018, Whisky Live London, London, England.

March 24th 2018, Dundee Whisky Social, Dundee, Scotland.

MAY 2018

May 3rd-7th 2018: Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, Speyside, Scotland.

May 25-June 2 2018: Islay Festival of Malt & Music, Islay, Scotland


August 10th-12th 2018, Whisky Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland.


8th September 2018, Whisky Bristol Underground, Bristol, England


I try to keep all events up to date but please check an events website before booking or making travel plans in case of cancellations, postponments or other such changes.

To add your event please use the Contact Form