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The rebirth of Bladnoch and the introduction of the Pure Scot

News broke some time ago that Bladnoch Distillery was saved. The company was reborn and reinvigorated as we eagerly anticipated their first forays back into the whisky market.   Fast forward several months and I get a very generous sample of their new blended scotch, Pure Scot, delivered to AmateurDrammer HQ. This is a blend […]

Bottle killing session

Met up with one of my oldest and best friends last night and we managed to successfully kill off a few bottles that have been hanging around for a while as well as a few sample bottles… and some home brewed ale… and a selection of bottles from Fyne Ales… and the contents of a […]

Bladnoch rises…

Reportedly Bladnoch Distillery has been (finally) bought over and production will resume in future. An Australian businessman has bought the firm for an undisclosed amount and intends to resume production.    Good news for me as I do enjoy a Bladnoch from time to time and I’m starting to run a little low…