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The Hibiki 12 Blended Whisky.

I have previously written an article about The 5 best Whiskies In The World (found here) in which I explained my love for the Hibiki 12.  Firstly, look at the bottle, its so well designed, looks beautiful.    The description on the label is almost poetic. Hibiki to the Japanese represents harmony, and so the name […]

The best whisky in the world? (or just magnolia wall paint?)

The lifestyle magazine The Gentlemans Journal recently published an article entitled “The five best whiskies”. That’s a bold statement on such a divisive subject.  Whats on the list? A Glenmorangie 1963 vintage? A Highland Park 50? A Brora 1972? Nope. Heres the list and the links to purchase them. 1 Powers 12 Year Old 2 Glenfiddich 21 […]

The Hibiki 

Just read on-line that the Hibiki 12 and 21 have been awarded gold medals at The International Spirts Challenge 2015.  I’m a big fan of the Hibiki blend. It’s without doubt my favourite of all the Japaneese whiskies I’ve tried. It’s fresh, distinctive and easy drinking.  Yes, I know it’s a blend and they are […]