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Review – The Waterproof Blended Malt and Wearing Raincoats Amid a Soggy Forest

A review of a new blended malt, featuring raincoats and a soggy forest.

Review – The Hilhaven Lodge Blended American Whiskey

I don’t really know much about American whiskies – which probably means I probably shouldn’t write about them.

Or perhaps it means I should write about them?

Either way, here is a review of some juice from across the pond…

Review – James Eadie’s Trademark ‘X’

Looking at a modern recreation of a Blended Scotch from 1854.

Discovering Tormore – ‘The Pearl of Speyside’

Having a look at a very underated and mostly unknown distillery.

Review – Signatory Vintage Craigduff 1973

Ive been doing a few sample swaps recently and this was one of the recent arrivals.  Its not often you try a whisky that was distilled before you were born so I’ve been holding onto this one for a while until I could sit back and take my time over it.  After all, old age […]

Langatun Swiss Whisky

With Europe very much on the minds of those of us in the UK who are preparing to vote whether to remain part of the European Union or not, I thought this might be a good time to take a look at some drams from mainland Europe. This week we will look at Langatun Swiss […]

Desert Island Drams – Mark Gillespie

Mark Gillespie should need no introduction to whisky fans. Mark is the creator, producer and host of WhiskyCast. In 2015 Mark celebrated 10 years of podcasting.  It has more than 40,000 listeners in over 130 countries.  I have been an avid listener to his Podcast for several years and he was one of the reasons […]