Should I add Ice or Water To My Whisky?

Is it acceptable to add anything to your whisky?

Let’s start with water. 

In my opinion, and that of many others, it is more than acceptable to add a little (by which I mean a few drops or perhaps a teaspoon) of water to your whisky.

Most whiskies, especially those bottled at what is referred to as cask strength (which can be up to around 60% abv) will benefit from a few drops of water to help reduce the alcohol content and better showcase and release the flavour compounds within.

I am not really an ice in my whisky enthusiast. For me it just dulls the flavour. For the same reasons that red wine is more flavoursome at a room temperature, I feel whisky is better without ice, which narrows the flavour compounds.

However let’s not fall out about it.

If you prefer your dram with a few cubes of ice then that’s perfectly fine. You pay your money, you do what you like with it. Whether it be with ice, cola, green tea or even ginger beer, you like what you like and I cant tell you otherwise.

Whisky & Soda - Perfect Summer Serve
Whisky & Soda – Perfect Summer Serve

All I would perhaps suggest is that to get a full appreciation of the drink you must first try it in its original form and only then experiment with it. 

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